About us

We are more then just a standard eyewear company

Made to measure is in our DNA

We are not just a standard eyewear company; we are not just a brand. We are creators, innovators and builders of a customer experience that is unrivalled. We are dedicated to revolutionize the eyewear industry by putting YOU in the center, making sure you feel one with your eyewear.





Pieter Jonckheer, founder and CEO











Jan-Berend Zweerts, founder and COO







We were founded in 2014 when Pieter and Jan-Berend realized the massive impact additive manufacturing could have on the eyewear industry. Our kids wear glasses and we understood the hassle ill fitting eyewear can have on a persons life. We were convinced that by using digital manufacturing technologies we could make eyewear that is both beautiful in design and fitted to the individuals biometrical features. We are proud to be the world’s first company that fuses 3D biometric scans of the client in the production process of the eyewear. We do this without impacting the design of the eyewear.

We work with experts

Collaboration is the solution to excellence. We work with optician’s day in day out to create a better customer experience. We take every opportunity to learn from people and we love to be part of conversations that can help us create a better product.

We think locally

We invest in designing and tailoring to local demands and trends. We understand what people love locally and we don’t have to worry about designing and manufacturing for the masses. We have freed ourselves from mass-production.