Meet Roger Bacon

The English scholar Roger Bacon (1214-1292) is probably one of the most influential intellectual forces in the history of the modern world. He was an optics pioneer and one of the founding fathers of glasses. His ground-breaking philosophy is reflected in Roger Bacon glasses: we lead the field in exclusive, made to measure glasses to suit every taste and face.

100% unique, made to measure glasses for every face

Roger Bacon specializes in exclusive, made to measure glasses to suit and fit every taste and face. By using a high definition display, your customers can try on all of our frames virtually. This combination represents an unbeatable alternative to the current – and expensive – trend for handmade and classic glasses.

Roger Bacon uses ‘additive manufacturing’ in which every pair of glasses perfectly matches the wishes of every client. Our glasses will be delivered just like every other manufacturer’s, while the finish of polished glasses works exactly as you’re used to.  

The advantages of working with Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon provides you and your customers with a service that used to be available only to a select few: made to measure glasses. With our unique technology we can also bring a high-tech edge to your business.

In addition, Roger Bacon will improve customer loyalty: whenever a customer makes a scan, he or she will be guaranteed to return for their pair of Roger Bacon glasses.

Finally, Roger Bacon provides a solution to a problem that many opticians face: large stocks. Thanks to our unique high definition display, customers can instantly try on every frame virtually. Stock is a thing of the past – our frames will only be produced after purchase. 

With our 3D scanner you can precisely measure a customer’s face down to the last millimetre – ensuring that every frame fits perfectly. 

Customers can instantly try on every pair of glasses in 3D via our high definition display.

With the sales tablet your customers can choose the design, colour and material of their glasses – making every pair of glasses 100% unique.  

Roger Bacon in your store

Roger Bacon doesn’t only offer a great product, but a compelling story: the tale of an inventive, brilliant scholar from the 13th century whose genius led to 21st century technology that allows a pair of glasses to be made to measure for every face.  

We’ll provide your store with:

  • A high definition display that projects every pair of Roger Bacon glasses onto your customer’s face.
  • Complete access to our platform, app and website.
  • The 3D-scanning software and a device which attaches to the latest iPad models for easy scanning.

We’ll also provide you with some samples, so customers can also see and feel the quality of Roger Bacon glasses for themselves. 

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